SWCW 2010: October 3rd and October 4th
Restoration Project / Casa Mariposa

A regional network of radical discipleship communities (mostly Catholic Workers) get together as an encounter/encuentro/gathering of communities about once per year. For this fourth gathering, we hope to focus our energies on immigration and border justice, opposition to war and outer space weapons systems, and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The MOST RECENT Southwest Catholic Worker gathering was on October 3-4 (a SUNDAY and a MONDAY), again in Tucson. It's the international "Keep Space For Peace Week". (We need to have peaceful spaces on the ground and above the earth, so we will discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis among migrants, the ongoing militarization of outer space, and how we can respond to those important issues with service and resistance.) Sunday is time for discussions, Monday is time for actions, with a standard vigil at the local Raytheon weapons plant, followed by Mass at Casa Maria CW house.

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