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July 2008 and MayDay 2009 and November 2009 and October 2010

InterDependence Day Reflections; July 2008 SWCW gathering

{{the first since Dorothy & Ammon hung out together in Phoenix (see above photo) in the 1960s}}...

meeting @ Ellie & Jerry House Sr. Jose Hobday arrives
At this gathering, Sr. Jose Hobday and Joan Thomas joined us at Casa Maria. During a large group evaluation at the end of the weekend, 20 of us shared our reflections and they were written down like this...

* Accompaniment is the single word-refrain inspiring us this weekend. Welcoming is another word not as prominent as the freshness of accompaniment. Our CW Southwest community coming together is very exciting!
* Hearing about Dorothy & Ammon as persons enriches me in my sense of the movement. Accompaniment plus how to live at higher ethical levels as Christians. It's good to recognize how/when to branch out in new communities
* i've experienced solidarity here, i want to learn more, want to visit your communities
* Accompaniment is based on seeing Christ in others, we are people in this together, the remarkable attitude of our Guests is similar to that of Workers, both being beaten down and nonchalant about the past wounds.
* Accompaniment is also Dancing together, crying together, walking together, doing Dorothy Day's mission...
* Learning much from all of you.
* i want to become a part of each of your great communities. I also like the personal conversations with everyone.
* Doing this reflection over scrabble is good.
* Happy that Fr. Bill was here with us for a few hours, accompaniment with Fr. Bill--cool how do we do things differently in solidarity...
* a southwest gathering on a regular basis is a groovy thing.
* The multi-generational part--it's very cool for me that many of you are so young! To be around others who "GET IT" is amazing...
* Regarding "accompaniment"; i hadn't had a word for what we do, and i'm thankful for that.
* I'm part of this now.
* write down everything that happens here, so we can go with s/thing in paper so we can pray about it and have it later to nourish us.
* Joyful to be together with everyone.
* I'm glad i'm towards the end of the circle, so i can just say "yeah!" to what others said. This sacred time in this good place--our accompaniment, solidarity, walking together, etc.
* Warfare is torture too....The nuclear threat is the ultimate slapping God's face.
* The process & respect used in this group is stunning--knowing from my profession, i want to acknowledge that you all are way ahead of most families.
* I was hearing rumors about this gathering for a long time, am thrilled to be part of it. I'm glad to see this happen in the same few years as PLC rebirth.
* We need to be with the people who support us too, lets pray for being able to BE WITH those who donate to us...
* Heavy duty listening this weekend led me to want more spaciousness, yet the people here in Tucson speaking to us inspire me!
* Seeing the way you all work with one another gives me alot of hope. Folks like us who are committed to keeping our eyes open to trauma daily--it's important that we get together--it's the best disaster-preparedness we can have. The energy to come here shows the miracle of loaves & fishes, being here helps me return to Trinity House ready for more of these miracles.

The whole group on our last day together of the first SWCW

May Day Weekend 2009

We gathered at Mt. Lemon. We spoke of another gathering soon, to team up the SWCW with Ft. Huachuca--thus making two SWCW Encuentros this same calendar year. We spoke of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Punk Rock Communication (PRC). We enjoyed Felice's AWESOME baked goods! We spoke of Llwyd's desire to take a stand for his niece who lost her sanity at Ft. Huachuca.

Huachuca Weekend (12-14 November) 2009


The Southwest Catholic Worker Network has been meeting in Tucson for a few years now. Our third gathering was November 2009 during the weekend of the Ft. Huachuca demonstration against torture. Members of Trinity House Catholic Worker (from Albuquerque) and the Las Vegas Catholic Worker joined with three communities in Tucson (Casa Maria, Rose of the Desert Catholic Worker, and the Restoration Community) and their friends for a wonderful gathering at the Pima Friends Quaker Meeting House @ 931 N 5th Ave. This was our agenda/schedule:

Discussing Immigration: Bob Carney & Maryada Voillet
Solidarity & Violence on the Border
Building Community
Nuclear Abolition: 2010 is the year: Retire the Bomb! Come to New Mexico with the Pacific Life Community, Think Outside the Bomb and Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists
After all that, on Saturday, we then shifted into the larger group, joining the Ft. Huachuca Teach-In on Human Rights @ Southside Presbyterian Church (317 W 23rd St)

KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE--St. Francis Day Weekend; October 2010

NOTES from the day in October:
We gathered at the Restoration Community house in Tucson on Sunday the 3rd of October 2010.
Throughout the day we had 12 participants. The two big roundtable discussions were on Immigration and on the militarization of outer space.

In the roundtable discussions of migration issues, we did a historical overview. Not many people traveled the Sonoran Desert in the 1980s—it was easier elsewhere. In the 1990s thousands were using this desert near here to get integrated into the US. In the late '90s the cauldron of angst/fear/hatred/racism was brewing so that vigilantes started showing up less than 10 years ago. They started in TX and then moved to AZ in 2009. The ranchers are a powerful political force in Phoenix. Now, 2010, SB1070 went into partial effect. We identified many problems and anecdotal stories in which we have been involved. Some groups working on solutions to the human rights problem (and the years they were formed are: Borderlinks, Humane Borders (2000), NoMoreDeaths (2004), Derechos Humanos, Diocese w/o Borders, Samaritans, Pan Left.

As Catholic Workers, we know that the ONLY SOLUTION IS LOVE. Love in this case is further delineated as compassionate action, personalism in practice, kindness, charity, support, generosity, giving, service, the works of mercy and the works of resistance And we discussed a few potential tactics for helping stop the fear and hatred against immigrants:
1.education—including highway signs such as “Arizona Law requires you to give water to anyone who needs it.”
2>>> direct experience/immersion trips with immigrants
3>>> indirect experience: a video summary of immersion experiences
4>>> legislation
5>>> help transport people back to Mexico who WANT to go there (who have given up)

In the roundtable discussion on the militarization of outer space, including drone warfare, we took note that the increase of drone usage in all branches of the US military. We identified the fact that the US military IS the “US jobs program” (to use socialist dogma that a nation creates jobs programs to keep the people occupied in meaningful work). Drones/robots are used for surveillance as well as weapon-delivery. Satellites are other pieces of equipment used for surveillance and weapon-guidance, as well as to help the drones/robots function. The use of robotic/automatic/drone warfare has serious moral, legal and spiritual implications. Joyce spoke about the WILPF letter-writing campaign, fliers, banners, etc. They do such resistance regularly. We also made plans for the next day's vigil/action, and made placards for it.